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Learn new skills in live workshops, listen to inspiring talks, meet people, hang out with your hosts and presenters...we've got something for everyone!

Opening/Meet and Greet

11:00-11:30 AM EST


Join your hosts Kim and Linda as they give you a rundown of how the day will unfold, how you can win prizes, and meet some of the speakers and other attendees.


My Creative Break

Potato Chip Zoomprov - Train Your Creative Muscles

11:30 AM-12:30 PM EST




You've probably never seen potato chips and muscle training in the same sentence together, unless someone is telling you not to eat chips as you train your (body) muscles. Yes. You can have your chips and eat it too.


In this session, we’re going to get a little silly, park our inhibitions at the Zoom door, and bring our best potato chips to the camera. Together with the community, we’ll do a series of creative role-playing activities & improvise plots from our favorite stories using potato chips heroes (and villains) who will all tragically fall to their deaths in our bellies at the end.


Bring yourself and your favorite bag of potato chips to the session.

Creativity Saved My Ass!
Here's How It'll Save Yours When You're in a Rut

11:30 AM EST

Facebook Group

Kim always thought she was creative - until she really had to use her creativity. 

In this comedic and inspiring talk, Kim goes back to when she started her creative journey and explores why it's important to keep developing your creativity skills and how it could literally save your ass.



Kimberley Chan

Creativity is Chaotic - Just Try it!

12:00 PM EST

Facebook Group


Exploring your creativity means exploring the chaos that’s around us. With an abundance of options for creative outlets, from writing to cooking, it’s hard to identify which outlet is truly our own. In this session I will touch upon this from a personal perspective and speak about the value in trying out as many creative outlets as possible in order to discover your own voice and your own special niche. Trying is key to discovering!

Christina Sforza

Start a Creativity Routine. Take a Step Forward on Your Joy Journey.

12:30-1:30 PM EST

The Creative Lounge


Jenn Baljko

We are always in a state of cultivating what we want most in our lives. Joy. Harmony. Vitality. Freedom. Authentic Self-expression. But cultivating takes practice.


Learn how nurturing - practicing - our creativity, even for a few minutes, opens us to the joy we want to lead with, the joy that boosts our resilience, the joy that sparks fierce awakenings and Aha! moments. and the joy that is our essence.


This session includes a 30-minute creativity practice that can easily be integrated into your day or week as you build up a sustainable creativity routine. Includes a 10-minutes gentle movement experience, a 10-minute guided mindfulness meditation, and a 10-minute "Make Your Magic" crafting/writing exercise.

How Creativity Can Impact, Improve & Empower Us

1:00 PM EST

Facebook Group


Creativity empowers change in our lives and inspires a powerful difference. We are surrounded by creativity. Its impact improves our well-being, relationships, confidence, and is a major factor in expanding our growth through achieving our goals. Join us to discover how colors impact us; tips on how to prevent our creativity from diminishing; and above all, ways to keep a creative vibe in our environments.

DeNaye' Dotson

An Imaginative Journey With Icelandic Horses

1:30-2:30 PM EST



Join Hilary and three wise Icelandic horse guides, Snugger, Keilir and Tilraun, on an imaginative journey to receive a message from your ancestors. Your horse guides will partner with you as you use your imagination to travel back in time to seek ancient wisdom. The Icelandic horses come from a 1000 year lineage of sharing our stories and travels. Their connection to the past and deep grounding to the earth will help you find your way. 

Hilary Adams

Writing A Memoir: How to Get Started With No Experience

During this session, Ryan and Kayla will share their experience of writing and editing Gravel Roads. They will pinpoint roadblocks that they encountered over the first few drafts, as well as solutions and steps to start writing your own memoir from scratch.

1:30 PM EST

Facebook Group 


Ryan Crain & Kayla MacArthur

Using Idea Clustering to Break Out of a Creative Rut

2:30 - 3:00 PM EST

The Creative Lounge


In this session, Erin will talk about how she uses different tools & exercises to help people understand how their creative flow happens and how to get unstuck when nothing seems to work. You'll learn about a method called Idea Clustering, and how it can help you break out of a creative rut. Under Erin's guidance, you'll try using the Idea Clustering tool to develop one of your ideas and have the chance to ask questions about getting "unstuck." 

Erin Riley

Embodying Your Purpose by Reconnecting to Your Intuition and Heart's Truth

3:00-4:00 PM EST

In this session, you will learn how to use your body and intuition to activate your creative energy and magnetism. 

We will walk through an embodiment practice, a meditative journey, and a self-expression exercise to help you tap into the power of your heart and subconscious mind so that you can feel empowered to design and live your daily life as a sacred art.

The Creative Lounge

Sasha Lipskaia.jpg

Sasha Lipskaia

Happy Morning Rituals Make You Creative

3:00 PM EST

Facebook Group


Jenny Lee

This talk is about the connection between morning routines and creativity. By structuring an emotionally satisfying morning routine, when habituated, will provide a sustainable emotional state that is conducive for creators to create.


Jenny gives tips and options to approach the morning so you can create sustainable morning rituals that elevate your emotional state, so you can create from an inspired place.

She'll touch on how:

-Knowing that happiness and joy can be created by choice by each individual.

-Happiness is a habit. The best time to work with your brain & body is the morning, reprogram yourself to happiness when the brain is most impressionable. 

-The more emotionally elevated you are, the more creative you become, the better your creation is

Unleash Your Creativity!

4:00-5:00 PM EST


We believe that everyone is creative; it shows up naturally for some, but for others, it’s “hidden” within and they just need to discover that creative side they never knew they had.


Join us for a workshop that will work your creativity in different ways. We’ll explore what it means to be creative, why creativity needs to be nurtured, and train our creative muscles by trying new things and getting out of our comfort zones. We’ll do different activities using different types of art forms to get our creative juices and thinking skills flowing. You’ll discover new creative abilities and leave feeling relaxed and energized!

Please bring paper, and something to write/draw with.


My Creative Break

How a Fresh Perspective Boosts Creativity

5:00-6:00 PM EST

The Creative Lounge

In this session, Trevor will take you on a journey of how creativity fits in a normally logical world. He'll cover some practical commonsense ideas on where creativity might help in unexpected ways. He'll show you how refreshing your perspective and outlook on life, balance, or your project will make a difference in achieving top level results. 


Bring your already open mind to this session, and be prepared to see your world with new insights.


Trevor Perry

Even Mozart Was Mediocre: Write Your Own Music

6:00-6:30 PM EST

The Creative Lounge


Learn to write your own music - any one can do this, you just need to have confidence and go for it!


This workshop will help cultivate a mindset that any musical idea is worth exploring, even if it sounds bad to the composer at first.

After this session, you'll be confident with your talent, and walk away with a set of tools that will help you avoid writer's block.

Please bring a notepad to this session. 

Alex Touliatos

Create Your Perspective: An Artistic Approach

6:30-7:00 PM EST

The Creative Lounge


What is perspective-taking?


We often hear parents tell their kids, “How do you think that made them feel?” From a young age, we are trying to instill perspective-taking as a value. 

As we get older, we start to maintain points of views, become less of a risk-taker in expressing our own thoughts and we tend to forget the benefits of seeing things another way. 

During this 30-minute session, you will come to understand the benefits, increase your creativity and you just might go to work (or your relationship) with a fresh new perspective!

Crystal Watson

I Wanna Be Bad: Hogtie your inner critic to make the weird, the ugly, and the marvelous

7:00-8:00 PM EST

The Creative Lounge


Do you find yourself constantly asking, "But is it good?" Is that question stopping your hand and keeping you from making art?


In this workshop, Bugs Bunny expert and author Riley E. Smith will take you into the realm of chaos so we can taste the confidence that allows Bugs Bunny to paint a train into a wall and crush his own critics. Through several low-stress, silly exercises, you'll learn creativity-starters and gather ideas to use every day of your creative life. Together, we'll make some bad art, and in that way, remember why we make art in the first place.

Riley Smith 

Show and Tell

Come network and show off your art, products, services or anything you've been working on!

7:00-7:45 PM EST


Closing Party

Come celebrate the end of a successful day and get a chance to win more prizes.

8:00-8:30 PM EST


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